MENA Transport Congress & Exhibition



The urban mobility landscape is undergoing fundamental transformation with the emergence of three distinct game-changers: shared, autonomous and electric. Mobility 4.0 is here! Public transport is at the core of this transition by embracing digitalization, innovative and sustainable solutions to mobility challenges and contributing to a higher quality of urban life.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as well is taking up this transformation in stride. The region provides testing grounds and is leading innovation on many public transport fronts. From autonomous mobility to harnessing technology to address informal transport, this is an exciting time for public transport in MENA.

With this backdrop, the theme “Building the Future of Mobility” is fitting for the 2020 the MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition to be held in Dubai 5-7 October.

Advanced Mobility

Whether it is smart ticketing, dynamic on-demand services, or smart apps, today we have more alternatives than ever. We are also doing things better: effective utilization, improved service, enhanced safety, and reduced pollution. With increased alternatives, new players, and various platforms, need to work together in one ecosystem in order to harness the greatest benefit.

Ensuring integration, managing disruption, and promoting innovation require adaptability in corresponding regulatory systems. The Way Forward to navigating today’s disruptive market developments has created an opportunity to excel in finding innovative policy solutions to complex mobility problems.


Beyond pilots, projects in today’s demanding environment of constrained fiscal resources and heightened climate change awareness, must be viable. Technological innovations are truly catalysing a new and more efficient way of doing business and ultimately more accessible, cleaner, and livable cities.

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