The Upcoming Edition of the MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition will not be taking place

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought a great deal of change to many sectors during this past year.

UITP has made sure to regularly consider all relevant developments with international travel and what potential restrictions mean for our events calendar.

Therefore, with the ongoing developments for international and regional travel, together with our co-host Roads and Transport Authority Dubai (RTA), we have reached the decision that it is not feasible to hold the upcoming edition of the MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition (Dubai, 29-31 March 2021).

We thank you for your ongoing interest and support of our event.

We especially take this opportunity to thank our sponsors and exhibitors for their understanding and continued engagement.

We are always committed to meeting their expectations and maintaining the highest standard they expect from us for this international event.

We will in due time announce the timing and details for the new dates.

Please stay connected to the UITP website and official twitter feed for regular updates on our 2021 events calendar.

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